9th October 2018

The crisis coming down the pipe.

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Mental health is an issue your organisation can't afford to ignore. Not only is there a huge human cost of poor mental health at work, looking after the mental health of employees makes business sense. Tackling stigma can make a real difference to sickness absence rates, presenteeism levels, staff wellbeing and productivity, and retention.

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  • 1 in 4 British workers are affected by conditions like anxiety, depression and stress every year
  • 95% of employees calling in sick with stress gave a different reason
  • 9 out of 10 people in the workplace say they wouldn’t tell people at work if they are experiencing problems with their mental health.
  • Presenteeism is estimated to cost businesses at least one and a half times as much as absenteeism.
  • Around half of all long-term sick leave in the UK is due to stress, depression and anxiety
  • Open and supportive workplaces benefit everyone - employees, employers and the bottom line
  • Younger employees are more likely to have mental health issues, with 37% of those aged 18 to 29 having been formally diagnosed with a mental health condition
  • Millennials look to work for organisations that foster their wellbeing
  • Attracting and retaining talent is a growing challenge
  • Actively disengaged workers are twice as likely as engaged workers to have been diagnosed with depression.
  • An analysis by Deloitte examining existing workplace interventions identified potential to generate a return to business of between £1.50 and £9 for every £1 invested.

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"We need a cohesive approach that adapts to and makes workplaces more inclusive"
Dale Smith
Founder & Creative Director, Bridge
"Can you afford not to be thinking about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace if you want to attract and retain millennial talent?"
Cathryn Barnard
Co-founder, Working the Future
"So many people feel overwhelmed. The demands on managers' and leaders' time are incredibly intense"
Sandra Green
Founder, Women Leaders Forum
"There's a mental health skills deficit - most people haven't got their heads around what's needed to make a real difference"
Amy McKeown
Former Health, Mental Health and Well-being at EY
'Mad World is a thought provoking title that should help start the conversation about the reality of mental health."
Christina Butterworth
Occupational Health & Wellbeing Specialist
"Workplace cultures must switch on to meeting each individual's needs."
Kiera Lawlor
Director of Happiness and People, Social Chain